This is a short list of variuous sites i have found on the net, i think you will like them also. You can find various info for everything connected with your custom fish tank and the fishes inside :D

Aquaflux – The Brazilian Aquarism Forum

The new brazilian Aquaflux Forum is group of aquarists dedicated to furthering the aquarium hobby and promoting the practice of keeping tropical fish through the dissemination of information

Cichlid forum

Species profiles for over 1500 African and New World cichlids. Thousands of original photographs, hundreds of articles, photo contest, tank of the month contest, discussion and forum.

Aqua boards

AquaBoards is dedicated to discussion and education about tropical aquarium fish including freshwater fish, saltwater fish, and aquarium fish keeping,

Aquarium life

A complete source of information on aquariums, aquarium fish and aquarium equipment. We have a wide variety of articles about aquariums, aquarium fish, african cichlids, oscar fish and more

Aquarium bible

Complete resource of information, articles, fishes


The website where there is always time for reefing

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